The Importance of Vitamins

Everyday living and sufficient vitamin intake

Obesity and diabetes have become two of the largest risks to public health over the last 50 years, and not just in one country but all over the world. There are many reasons for this; portion sizes, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle to name but a few.

There are of course many of us who eat a balanced, healthy diet and exercise regularly however still struggle with weight and or health issues. Why do these people seem to be able to do everything right and not have anything to show for it? There are differences between each and every one of us and one of the major differences that affects our weight is the digestive system’s ability to absorb the nutrients we eat. It is a common misconception that everything we eat or drink is absorbed, so the salad and multivitamin you had today are not necessarily having the effect you wanted. Stress can play a large role in how well the gut absorbs nutrients that pass through it. Jobs or lifestyles that raise stress levels around deadlines and peak times through the year can affect how well your body is absorbing nutrients.

Any medical practitioner would advise a healthy diet balanced with regular exercise to promote health and wellbeing. There will be times when certain key vitamins and minerals will be in shorter supply – winter is when most people’s vitamin D deficiency peaks. So, what do we do when a healthy diet and exercise isn’t enough? Intravenous Vitamin Therapy offers a safe and non-invasive way of ensuring that cells have an adequate supply of vitamins. By absorbing the nutrients from the bloodstream, the digestive system is bypassed meaning that cells can absorb 100% of the vitamins provided to them.

Vitamin Injections

Roshni IV drip infusions are the most effective, safe, natural and a crucial method to support a healthy lifestyle.

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Vitamin Drips

A rapid solution to detox your body, boost energy levels or promote hair growth, our booster shots are created to achieve results.

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