PCR testing looks for the genetic material of the virus in a sample taken from your nose and throat. The test looks directly for the virus, so it is the most accurate test for seeing if a person is infected with the virus at the time the test is taken.

The PCR test requires a throat and nasal swab sample to be collected and send to our UKAS registered laboratory for testing.

You may experience some mild discomfort and you may feel a gagging sensation but it should not hurt

If your PCR test comes back positive you and any close contacts will need to isolate. For further guidance you can visit the NHS website.

If your PCR tests comes back negative this means you are not infection with the COVID-19 at the time you took the test. If you have developed symptoms since your test took place then please follow the NHS guidance

Unfortunately, we are not performing tests for those who have COVID-19 symptoms.

You would need to book a test at one of the NHS testing centres

We have conducted hundreds of tests for customers travelling abroad and none of them have come back as inconclusive.

Many countries and airlines now have new requirements for travellers. A negative PCR test needs to be presented from a registered laboratory within specific time lines before departure. We will work with you to ensure your test is booked on the correct day to remain in line with the specific requirements.

We currently offer appointments 7 days a week

You can book an appointment either by calling the clinic directly on 0333 050 7138 or by going through our ‘Online Booking’ option on the website.

A “Fit to Fly” certificate is included in the price of the COVID-19 PCR swab test.

Our current processing time is 24-48 hours from time of test.

  • We are limiting the number of people inside the clinic at one time.
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands on entering the clinic and will be asked to wear a face covering.
  • Our Clinical rooms are fully sanitised between every patient.
  • If you arrive early for your appointment you may be asked to wait outside until your appointment time or until it is safe for you to enter the clinic.