Seven Benefits of IV Treatments & Why You Should Consider Them?

How many times on average during a week have you been asked by random strangers or co-workers if you are feeling okay? Do you always feel drained and tired whenever you stumble across your own reflection in the mirror? Have you been eating right and really pushing yourself to maintain an active lifestyle, yet your face lacks the radiant glow of health? Did you just answer in affirmation to all the questions above?

Well, fret not! There is a rather simpler solution for all these problems.

IV Drip Treatments – or the Intravenous Therapy might just be the miracle potion your body needs to jet start on the health and nutrients bandwagon. It’s the simple health-class lesson that our bodies need certain vitamins and nutrients to function normally. Our skin needs vitamins to radiate that glow we all strive for; our hair needs nutrition to maintain its shine; even our nails start chipping from the edges if our body is missing out on certain nutrition. IV Therapy is the quickest way to infuse all the required nourishment to your body. It works quickly and efficiently in comparison to popping your multivitamin pills each day because those need a certain amount of time to show results. Through the IV therapy, the vitamins are delivered right into your bloodstream, dodging the entire digestive process, hence, show quicker and more effective results.

You must be living under a rock if IV treatments and their fruitfulness comes as a news to you! For this is a therapy that not only works to benefit your overall health and fitness, but it has also become a cult favourite for the A-list celebrities. Now, who wouldn’t want to have a million-dollar red carpet glow on their face right? Medical centres, health clubs, fitness joints and hospitals have been using IV therapies for quite a while now. They are the fastest treatment to reenergize a patient who has been dehydrated due to sickness, stress or severe hard work. Owing to this therapy, the vitamin deficiency can be cured within hours now. You would feel revitalized, more active and just overall healthy and happy once your vitals are taken care of.

Why should you go for IV therapy instead of chugging down your multivitamins orally everyday with breakfast, you ask? Because IV treatments are usually now customized to suit your body’s needs and requirements. If you are on a calorie deficit lifestyle or your everyday calorie intake isn’t cutting it in terms of significant nutrients your body requires, these treatments would ensure your deficiency is cured within a couple of hours.

Here are SEVEN benefits of IV Therapy. If you are a health enthusiast or someone who genuinely wants to jump on a healthy lifestyle bandwagon, these might be of interest to you:

Benefit # 1: No Popping the Pills Each Day

If you are anything like the individuals who don’t like swallowing unnecessary pills each day, you are going to love the IV therapies. Each session is customized to meet your body’s need and most IV therapy session would end within an hour. You would just relax in a serene calm environment while your body gets everything it needs. Which means there really would be no need for you to pop multivitamin pills everyday to make up for your dietary deficiencies.

Benefit # 2: The Quickest Way to Rehydrate Your Body

Kidney stones, muscle damage, constipation, muscular cramps, parched skin, and under-eye bags – the list of the issues caused by dehydration in your body is quite long. One of the most effective and quick ways to rehydrate your body is getting a customized IV treatment. It specially works great for athletes and fitness freaks who sweat a lot due to physical exertion.

Benefit # 3: Increased Immunity

“Prevention is better than cure” is how the old saying goes and in countless cases, it always stands true. You need to provide your body with the essential nutrition to strengthen its defence mechanism against any health viruses and bacteria. Getting IV therapy regularly is a smart way to increase your immunity and ensure you stay safe.

Benefit # 4: Combat the Environmental Damage

IV treatments are loaded with rich antioxidants that are powerful enough to flush out the harmful toxic ingredients your body absorbs from the environment on a regular basis. This would boost your overall appearance as well since antioxidants have been proven to battle the signs of premature ageing.

Benefit # 5: Mental Health

Have you been feeling a little down or under the weather for no reason lately? When your body is lacking the basics vitamins or minerals, you get more prone to anxiety and depression. This can take a serious toll on your social and professional life. IV therapies massively contribute in enhancing the feel-good factor of your body.

Benefit # 6: Enhanced Cognitive Functioning

When you are getting all the goodness your body requires with the help of IV therapies, you basically enter the prime of your health, both mental and physical. IV therapies reduce mental stress and boosts up your energy level and cognitive functioning. You think more actively and quickly; this combats fatigue and ensure you are at the best of your performing abilities.

Benefit # 7: The Beauty Benefits of IV Therapies

IV treatments help you to miraculously maintain an amazing appearance. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants prevent premature ageing or skin sagging. By rehydrating your body, they help your skin to get supple, smooth and contribute in maintaining its elasticity. IV treatments also strengthen your nails; make your hair more voluminous and bouncier. These therapies are also proven to be quite helpful in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles of your face. Have a big event coming up? Run to get an IV treatment before you hustle for a facial first. It is well worth it since it would take care of both your physical and mental health with added beauty perks!

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