5 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Why vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin you need.

Cobalamin – or the vitamin B12 is one of those essential vitamins that our bodies absolutely require in order to function properly however, they can’t produce it. From preventing us from the memory loss and dementia to ensuring our moods are balanced throughout the day – this one vitamin is responsible for some heavy-duty work in our bodies.

You can add it in your diet through some animal products or consume it as an oral supplement. Vitamin B12 shots are also available, if that suits you better. A daily intake of 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 is required for all the adults to function actively, but the amount could be higher for expecting and nursing mothers.

Here are 5 ways vitamin B12 is helpful for our bodily functions:

Benefit #1: Red Blood Cells Generation and A Natural Prevention to Anemia

Have you been feeling worn out and lethargic lately? Do you feel trouble keeping up with your regular chores and fatigue has become a constant element in your everyday life? You might need to get your red blood cell count checked.

According to a careful observation, every 7th woman in the UK is suffering from anemia. Usually, anyone can show symptoms of anemia but usually it is more prevalent in women. An anemic person would have trouble getting their work done due to lack of energy. Constant mood swings, failure to keep a rapid pace with everyday activities and a feeling of deep settling consistent tiredness are some of the signs that indicate you might need to get checked for anemia. To prevent these symptoms and maintain a healthy lifestyle, ensuring your body is getting the accurate amount of vitamin B12 is of extreme importance.

Vitamin B12 plays one of the major roles in aiding your body to generate an increased amount of healthy red blood cells. Our bodies need red blood cells to transport oxygen to all parts of our body so we can function properly. In case of vitamin B12 deficiency, our red blood cells become enlarged and oval rather than their typical round shape. This change causes a hindrance in their regular performance.

So next time you are getting a little too tired a little too soon, it is important to have yourself tested for megaloblastic anemia and increase your intake of vitamin B12.

Benefit # 2: A Healthy Pregnancy and A Healthy Baby

A foetus relies completely on the mother to get its required nutrients for the proper development and nourishment throughout the pregnancy period. Recent studies have shown that the pregnant women whose vitamin B12 levels were less than 250 mg/dL were more likely to give birth to children with birth defects. In many cases lower vitamin B12 levels in mothers resulted in miscarriages and premature births. Maintaining a healthy level of vitamin B12 is inevitable for both the mother and the unborn child for everything to go smoothly until the birth. Women who had vitamin B12 levels lower than 150 mg/dL were at a larger risk of giving birth to babies with birth defect. And mothers who maintained vitamin B12 level above 400 mg/dL throughout their pregnancies were more likely to give birth to healthy and happy babies.

Make sure you get your vitals checked throughout your pregnancy on a regular basis. It is especially crucial for the expecting mothers to maintain a healthy level of vitamin B12 during the first trimester of their pregnancy. The brain development of the baby is usually done during this period and vitamin B12 plays a major role in ensuring there are no brain or spinal cord birth defects.

Benefit # 3: Helps in Maintaining Strong Bones and Prevents Osteoporosis

Multiple studies in the field of medicines have proven that vitamin B12 is essential to maintain strong and healthy bones. A research was conducted on a control group of 2500 adults with vitamin B12 deficiency, clear signs of low bone mineral density which leads to osteoporosis was noted in them. Anyone over 50 years of age in general and women of all ages are prone to osteoporosis – a disease caused by weak and fragile bones. A regular intake of vitamin B12 ensures that this deficiency never develops in your body. This also reduces chances of any sports injury remarkably by improving the overall strength of your bones.

Benefit # 4: Reduces Anxiety and Uplifts the Mood

Did you know maintaining a healthy level of vitamin B12 in your body can ensure that you are always in a good mood and enjoying the best of your spirits?

Stress, anxiety and depression can seriously take a toll on one’s health. From developing a low self-esteem to social anxiety to numerous other mental issues, if not addressed properly, these things can even prove fatal for some patients. While the direct impact of vitamin B12 on one’s mood is still under the study, it has been proven numerous times that this vitamin contributes in the synthetization of serotonin in our body. Serotonin is a chemical secreted inside our bodies, which is responsible for regulating our moods. Patients with a vitamin B12 deficiency are reported to have a decreased production of serotonin in their body, and this leads to anxiety and depression.

Though the use of vitamin B12 as a drug to treat the clinical depression is yet to be proven, physicians and experts prescribe it as a supplement to maintain an overall good mood and feel.

Benefit # 5: May Prevent Memory Loss and Dementia among the Elderly

Did you know a simple vitamin B12 supplement can sharpen your memory and make sure you don’t suffer from dementia as you age? As we grow old, our brain starts to lose neurons which in result cause our memory to fade or diminish. Vitamin B12 prevents this brain atrophy. In other words, it keeps tabs that our brain doesn’t lose neurons enough for us to suffer from a memory loss.

When started at an early age, the signs of memory loss can completely be prevented. However, even elderly patients have shown signs of clear improvements when vitamin B12 was added to their diet as a supplement.

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